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Summer 1995, 51:2

Journal of Individual Psychology

Special Issue: Counseling Homosexuals and Bisexuals

Editorial Statement
Jon Carlson
Guest Editorial: Contemporary Adlerian Reflections on Homosexuality and Bisexuality
Cynthia K. Chandler
Toward an Understanding of Homosexuality: Origins, Status, and Relationship to Individual Psychology
Jeff Chernin and Janice Miner Holden
The Sexual Identity Profile: A Multidimensional Bipolar Model
Janice Miner Holden and George S. Holden
Gay and Lesbian Adolescents: Implications for Adlerian Therapists
Terry Kottman, MaryAnn Lingg, and Timothy Tisdell
Steps Toward a Lesbian Friendly Life Style Interview
Kristine Falco and Miller Garrison
Counseling with Bisexuals
David R. Matteson
Sexual Orientation and Psychotherapy: Science, Ideology, or Compassion?
Len Sperry
Presenting Social Interest to Different Life-Styles
Steven Slavik
Parent and Family Education
Timothy D. Evans and Monica A. Evans
AIDS Education for Children: Fostering Prevention Through Parent and Family Education
Sue Street and Madelyn Isaacs