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Spring 1995, 34:3

Tribute to Ernest Callenbach
Vance Kepley Jr.
Manhattan Nickelodeons: New Data on Audiences and Exhibitors
Ben Singer
The Cinderella Princess and the Instrument of Evil: Surveying the Limits of Female Transgression in Two Postwar Hollywood Scandals
Adrienne L. McLean
Bodily Irruptions: The Corporeal Assault on Ethnographic Narration
Jennifer M. Barker
Resources for Teaching Film and Video Courses
The American Cinema Project by William Costanzo
Using Feature Film Clips to Illustrate Film Aesthetics by Angelo Restivo
Helpful Teaching Tools for Film and Video Production Courses by Diane Carson
Hypermedia as a Scholarly Tool by Ben Singer
Professional Notes
Robert Lang, Jane Sloan, Greg Martino