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Volume 14 (1995)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
What Are Little Girls Made of Under Socialism?: Cuba's Mujeres and Muchachas in the Period 1980–1991
Verity Smith
Culture Industries and Cultural Identity: Will NAFTA Make a Difference?
Elizabeth Mahan
Resistance and Apropiation in Brazil: How the Media and 'Official Culture' Institutionalized Sao Paulo's Grafite
Neil E. Schlecht
Communication in Ritual Performance: Carnival in Antigua 1989 and 1990
John H. Patton
From the Ground Up: The Flourishing of Children's and Young Adult Literature in Brazil
Julie K. Kline
'Waas Sappening?': Narrative Structure and Iconography in Born in East L.A.
Chon A. Noriega
Sports Language, Cultural Imperialism, and the Anti-Imperialist Critique in Latin America
Joseph L. Arbena
Latin America and the Olympic Games: A Blank Spot in Sport History
Wolf Kramer-Mandeau
The Gaucho Revival in Argentina in the 1930s and 1940s
Donald S. Castro
Maradona's Left: Postmodernity and National Identity in Argentina
Ksenija Bilbija
Gaspar Pumarejo: Pre-Castro Cuba's 'Number Two' Television Tycoon
Michael B. Salwen
Cuba's Comic Art Tradition
John A. Lent