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Fall/Winter 1995, 16:2

Latin American Music Review
Jíbaro Image and the Ecology of Hawai'i Puerto Rican Musical Instruments
Ted Solís
Domingo Delgado Gómez (1806–56): Puerto Rican Master Composer
Daniel Mendoza de Arce
The Commercial Rumba: Afrocuban Arts as International Popular Culture
Robin Moore
Zarabanda: Esquemas rítmicos de acompañamiento en 6/8
Pedro van der Lee
Directory of Latin American Films and Videos: Music, Dance, Mask, and Ritual
Nancy Schaeffer


The Rioplatense Guitar. Volume I: The Early Guitar and Its Context in Argentina and Uruguay by Richard Pinnell and Ricardo Zavadivker
Melanie Plesch
Music and Black Ethnicity, the Caribbean and South America by Gerard H. Béhague
Denis-Constant Martin
Carnival in Q'eros by John Cohen
Dancing with the Incas by John Cohen
Zoila Mendoza-Walker