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Fall 1995, 51:3

Journal of Individual Psychology
The Predictive Efficacy of Adlerian Theory: Observations of and Recommendations for Human Relationships Made by Rudolf Dreikurs
Gerald J. Mozdzierz
Toward a Technology of Human Relationship
Rudolf Dreikurs
The Life-Style of the Hindu Woman: Conceptualizing Female Clients of Indian Origin
Indira Reddy and Fred J. Hanna
Constructivism and Individual Psychology: Common Ground for Dialogue
John V. Jones, Jr.
Homosexuality, Gender, Communal Involvement, and Social Interest
Catherine Hedberg and R. John Huber
Holism: Classical, Cautious, Chaotic, and Cosmic
George W. Linden
Ann Richards: An Adlerian Psychobiography
Mary S. Pearson and Bobbie Wilborn
The Relationships between Birth Order and Need Affiliation and Group Orientation
Eileen S. Nelson and Meredith A. Harris
Social Interest and Counselor Effectiveness: An Exploratory Study
Richard E. Watts and Jerry Trusty