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1995 Annual

Joyce Studies Annual
Thomas F. Staley
On Friendship in Joyce
Jacques Aubert
The Postmodernity of Joyce: Chance, Coincidence, and the Reader
Derek Attridge
Elliot Paul's Interwar "Whodunits"
Arnold Goldman
Jarry in Joyce: A Conversation
William Anastasi with Michael Seidel
Leopold's Travels: Swiftian Optics in Joyce's "Cyclops"
Philip Sicker
The Complexity of Finnegans Wake
Thomas Jackson Rice

Joyce's Sources

: Les grands fleuves historiques
Inge Landuyt and Geert Lernout
Annual James Joyce Checklist: 1994
Will Goodwin

Notes and Documents

Why Lambay?
Ascot or Epsom?
Friedhelm Rathjen