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Volume 13 (1994)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Introduction to Special Issue on Sports in Latin America
David G. LaFrance and Joseph L. Arbena
Sports and Recreational Activities in Guatemala and Mexico, Late 1880s to 1926
Richard V. McGehee
Baseball Wars: The Mexican Baseball League and Nationalism in 1946
Alan M. Klein
Hispanic Roots of American Rodeo
Mary Lou LeCompte
Charreada: Performance and Interpretation of an Equestrian Folk Tradition in Mexico and the United States
Kathleen M. Sands
'Image is Everything': Latin Baseball Players and the United States Press
Samuel O. Regalado
Political Football: Sports, Power, and Machismo in Luisa Valenzuela's The Lizard's Tail
Geralyn Pye
Three Kings Day in Consuelo: Cricket, Baseball, and the Cocolos, in San Pedro de Macorís
Bob Ruck
The History of Peruvian Women's Volleyball
Abelardo Sánchez-León
The Failure of Caribbean Integration: Lessons from Grass Roots Basketball
Jay R. Mandle and Joan D. Mandle
Sport in Cuba: Castro's Last Stand
Paula J. Pettavino and Geralyn Pye