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Winter 1993 #18


Cyberpunk: Technologies of Cultural Identity–A Special Issue

Introduction—Incurably Informed: The Pleasures and Dangers of Cyberpunk
Thomas Foster
Meat Puppets or Robopaths?: Cyberpunk and the Question of Embodiment
Thomas Foster
(En)gendering Cyberspace in Neuromancer: Postmodern Subjectivity and Virtual Motherhood
Eva Cherniavsky
Humanist History and the Haunting of Virtual Worlds: Problems of Memory and Rememoration
Kathleen Biddick
Morphing, Materialism, and the Marketing of Xenogenesis
Stephanie A. Smith
Muscular Circuitry: The Invincible Armored Cyborg in Cinema
Claudia Springer
The Last Days of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Albert Liu
"Death Is Irrelevant": Cyborgs, Reproduction, and the Future of Male Hysteria
Cynthia J. Fuchs