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Volume 12 (1993)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Press-Government Relations in Mexico: A Study of Freedom of the Mexican Press and Press Criticism of Government Institutions
Ilya Adler
Early American Radio Broadcasting: Media Imperialism, State Paternalism, or Mexican Nationalism?
Joy Elizabeth Hayes
Disjointed Frames: Melodrama, Nationalism, and Representation in 1940s Mexico
Laura Podalsky
Musical Style, Migration, and Urbanization: Some Considerations on Brazilian Música Sertaneja
Martha de Ulhôa Carvalho
Television Culture: The Dominican Case
Antonio V. Méndez-Alarcón
Eddie Chibás: The Magic Bullet of Cuban Radio
Michael B. Salwen
Dominican Popular Music Under the Trujillo Dictatorship
Deborah Pacini Hernández
Las hojas sueltas: Nineteenth-Century Chilean Popular Poetry as a Source for the Historian
Erica Kim Verba
Between the Nation and Utopia: The Image of Mexico in the Films of Emilio 'lndio' Fernández
Julia Tuñón


Feminine Perspectives on Journalism: Conversations with Eight Mexican Women
Linda Egan