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Fall/Winter 1993, 14:2

Latin American Music Review
The Cronistas de Indias Revisited: Historical Reports, Archeological Evidence, and Literary and Artistic Traces of Indigenous Music and Dance in the Greater Antilles at the Time of the Conquista
Donald Thompson
Aesthetics of Opacity and Transparence: Myth, Music, and Ritual in the Xangô Cult and in the Western Art Tradition
José Jorge de Carvalho
Juan Gabriel: Cultura Popular y Sexo de los Angeles
Gustavo Geirola
El Vals Peruano
Virginia Yep


Essays on Cuban Music: North American and Cuban Perspectives by Peter Manuel
Lucy Durán
Historia de la canción popular en Puerto Rico (1493–1898) by Pedro Malavet Vega
Donald Thompson
Villa-Lobos by Simon Wright
Gerard Béhague
As cantoras do rádio: 50 anos de som e imagem da MPB
Irati Antonio