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Fall 1993 #17

Do Clothes Make the Woman?: Gender, Performance Theory, and Lesbian Eroticism
Kath Weston
L.A.'s Museum of Contemporary Art and the Body of Marilyn Monroe
Jo-Anne Berelowitz
Wombs of War: Henry Moore's Repositioning of Gender
Laura Doan
The Failed Copy: Giovanni's Room and the (Re)Contextualization of Difference
Donald H. Mengay
Scenes of a Crime: Genesis, Freud's Interpretation of Dreams, Dora, and Originary Narratives
Susan Stanford Friedman
The Politics of Theory: Generations and Geographies Feminist Theory and the Histories of Art Histories
Griselda Pollock
The Politics of Queer Theory in the (Post)Modern Moment
Donald Morton
The Oedipal West: Two Engendered Photo Histories
Marcia Salo