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Volume 11 (1992)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
True Crime Stories During the Dictatorship: Brazil's Romance-Reportagem
Amelia Simpson
Periodical Literature for Women in Mid-Nineteenth Century Cuba: The Case of Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda's Album Cubano de lo Bueno y lo Bello
Evelyn Picon Garfield
Arnaldo Jabor's Eu te amo: Erotica or Socio-Political Commentary?
Moylan C. Mills, Enrique A. Grönlund, and Donna L. Van Bodegraven
Revolution and Dreams: The Cuban Documentary Today
Ana M. López
The Cofraternity of (Un)finishable Emotions: Constructing Mexican Telenovelas
Jorge A. González
Radio Soap Operas: The Jamaican Experience 1958–1989
Vibert C. Cambridge
Nicaraguan Poetry Workshops: The Democratization of Poetry
Karyn Hollis
Territorial and Boundary Disputes Depicted on Postage Stamps
Frank Nuessel
Sport and the Promotion of Nationalism in Latin America: A Preliminary Interpretation
Joseph L. Arbena
The Official Story: Feminist Re-Visioning as Spectator Response
Cynthia Ramsey
YES or NO to Pinochet: Television in the 1988 Chilean Plebiscite
David E. Hojman


Close-Up: An Interview with the Hermanos Mayo, Spanish-American Photo-journalists (1930s-present)
John Mraz