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Spring 1991 #10


Theorizing Nationality, Sexuality, and Race–A Special Issue

U.S. Third World Feminism: The Theory and Method of Oppositional Consciousness in the Postmodern World
Chela Sandoval
The Unspeakable Limits of Rape: Colonial Violence and Counter-Insurgency
Jenny Sharpe
Excess and Understatement: War, Romance, and the Melodrama in Contemporary Vietnamese Cinema
Gina Marchetti
Reading Gayatri Spivak's "French Feminism in an International Frame": A Problem for Theory
Silvia Tandeciarz
On "Difference"
Linda Gordon
Unveiling Algeria
Winifred Woodhull
Theorizing Woman: Funu, Guojia, Jiating [Chinese Women; Chinese State, Chinese Family]
Tani Barlow