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Volume 10 (1991)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Introduction: Popular Culture in the Production of Cultural Identity
Elizabeth Mahan
Literature and Popular Culture: Appropriation and Social Reproduction
Randal Johnson
Class-Bound Reductionism vs. the Multidetermination of National Cultures: An Essay on Puerto Rican National Consciousness
Eliut D. Flores-Caraballo
Cinema Novo and the Question of the Popular
Cacilda M. Rêgo
Latinismo and Ethnic Nationalism in Cultural Performance
Laurie Kay Sommers
Urban Space and Music in the Formation of Youth Cultures: The Case of Bogotá, 1920–1980
Pilar Riaño-Alcalá
Tango to Folk: Hegemony Construction and Popular Identities in Argentina
Pablo Vila
Os Blocos de Santa Rita do Sapucaí: Carnival Clubs in a Small Brazilian City: More Than Culture Producers
Bruce Ergood
Culture and Communications Policy in a Colonial Context: The Case of Cable Television in Puerto Rico
Nitza Hernández López
Andean Voices on Lima Airwaves: Highland Migrants and Radio Broadcasting in Peru
José Antonio Lloréns
The Reception of Telenovelas and Other Latin American Genres in the Regional Market: The Case of the Dominican Republic
Joseph D. Straubhaar and Gloria Viscasillas
Words and Silences in Uruguayan Canto Popular
Abril Trigo
Social Semiosis and Authoritarian Legitimacy: Television in Pinochet's Chile
Steve Wiley-Crofts