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March 1990 #7


The Politics of the Sexual Body—A Special Issue

Living to Tell: Madonna's Resurrection of the Fleshly
Susan McClary
Wilde, Barthes, and the Orgasmics of Truth
Kevin Kopelson
The Unreadable Black Body: "Conventional" Poetic Form in the Harlem Renaissance
Amitai F. Avi-Ram
Depoliticizing Women: Female Agency, the French Revolution, and the Art of Boucher and David
Erica Rand
Women, Pleasure, and Painting (e.g., Boucher)
Eunice Lipton
Posing the Woman Citizen: The Contradictions of Stanton's Feminism
Mary Loeffelholz
Either/Or—Neither/Both: Sexual Ambiguity and the Ideology of Gender
Julia Epstein
Making Faces: The Cosmetics Industry and the Cultural Construction of Gender, 1890–1930
Kathy Peiss