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Volume 9 (1990)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Popularity: The Sine Qua Non of Popular Culture
Harold Hinds, Jr.
Somos el Perú: 'Cumbia Andina' and the Children of Andean Migrants in Lima
Thomas Turino
Spanish-Language Television in the United States: Televisa Surrenders its Domain
John Sinclair
Changing of the Guard: Questions and Contrasts of Brazilian Rock Phenomena
Charles A. Perrone
Bajito y suavecito
Michael Cutler Stone
The Popular Culture Political Persuasion in Paraguay: Communication and Public Art
Lyman Chaffee
Through the Pantalla Uruguaya: The Television Environment for Children in Uruguay
Betsy J. Blosser
More than Just a Mural: The Popular Memorial for Rodrigo Rojas de Negri and Carmen Gloria Quintana
David C. Brooks
The Masks of Judas: Folk and Elite Holy Week Tricksters in Michoacán, Mexico
Enrique R. Lamadrid and Michael A. Thomas
Anita Brenner: Cultural Mediator for Mexico
Richard D. Woods
Cuba's Mujeres Magazine: The First Twenty Five Years
Nissa Torrents
The Myth and the Reality of 'El Negro' Durazo: Mexico City's 'Most-Wanted' Police Chief
David G. LaFrance
Angel Malo, A Chilean Telenovela
Gertrude Yeager
Calavera Miniatures: Political Commentary in Three Dimensions
Susan Masuoka
The Soul of the People: The Tango as a Source for Argentine Social History
Donald S. Castro


Brazilian Popular Music in Bahia: 'The Politics of the Future': An Interview with Gilberto Gil
Robert Myers