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July 1990 #8

The Cultural Politics of Perversion: Augustine, Shakespeare, Freud, Foucault
Jonathan Dollimore
"The Very House of Difference": Gender as "Embattled" Standpoint
Thomas Foster
A Spurious Set(Up): "Fetching Females" and "Seductive" Theories in Phaedrus, "Plato's Pharmacy", and Spurs
Katherine Cummings
Ending Difference/Different Endings: Class, Closure, and Collectivity in Women's Proletarian Fiction
Paula Rabinowitz
A Woman's Place and the Rural School in the United States
Suzanne Clark
Demon Lover Diary: Deconstructing Sex, Class, and Cultural Power in Documentary
Patricia R. Zimmerman
Quality Television and Feminine Narcissism: The Shrew and the Covergirl
Hilary Radner



Femme Foetal: The construction/destruction of female subjectivity in Housekeeping, or NOTHING GAINED
Siân Mile