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Spring 1989, 28:3

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

Editor's Introduction to the Homages
Dana Polan
Jacques Ledoux: 1921-88
Kristin Thompson, David Bordwell
George C. Pratt: 1914-88
Herbert Reynolds
George Pratt's Published Writings: An Annotated Bibliography
George Pratt
Gerald Mast: 1940-88
Tag Gallagher
Transition through Tension: Stylistic Diversity in the Late Griffith Biographs
Charlie Keil
Representing Romance: Reading/Writing/Fantasy and the "Liberated" Heroine of Recent Hollywood Films
Mimi White
Temporality as Historical Argument in Bertolucci's "1900"
Robert Burgoyne
Laurence Miller on Robert Lang's Interpretation of "Kiss Me Deadly" ("Cinema Journal," Spring 1988) by Laurence Miller
Robert Lang Replies by Robert Lang
Professional Notes
Robert Lang, Jane Sloan