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November 1989 #6

Politicizing Gender
Desley Deacon
"the landscape (chosen by desire)": Laura Gilpin Renegotiates Mother Nature
Karen Hust
The Scene of Seeing: Perception and Perversion in The Ravishing of Lol V. Stein
Karen Smythe
Writing the Gender of the Image: Art Criticism in Late Nineteenth-Century France
Anne Higonnet
A Sick Child and a Cure: Mother-Daughter Relations in Colette
Bethany Ladimer
Mary Wollstonecraft and the Search for the Radical Woman
Anna Wilson
Abulia: Sexuality and Diseases of the Will in the Late Nineteenth Century
John H. Smith
Some Speculations on the History of Sexual Intercourse during the Long Eighteenth Century in England
Henry Abelove