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March 1989 #4

Flesh of His Flesh: Amputation in Moby Dick and S. W. Mitchell's Medical Papers
Leslie Katz
Inside the Sentimental: The Psychological Work of The Wide Wide World
Nancy Schnog
Postmodern Pictures of Erotic Fantasy and Social Space
Carol Zemel
Shapes of Grief: Freud, Hamlet, and Mourning
Kenneth Reinhard and Julia Lupton
Disordered Bodies/Disorderly Acts: Medical Discourse and the Female Criminal in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Ann-Louise Shapiro
The "Charming Distinction": Ur-teil as the En-gendering of Reason in Kant's Thought
Olga Lucia Valbuena
D. G. Rossetti's "Jenny": Agency, Intersubjectivity, and the Prostitute
Amanda S. Anderson
"Ariel, Save Us": Big Stick Polemics in Frank Lentricchia's Ariel and the Police
Melita Schaum