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Volume 8 (1989)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Television and Cultural Discourses: Latin American and United States Comparisons
Emile G. McAnany
Culture Industries in Mexico: Preliminary Observations
Elizabeth Mahan
Political Graffiti and Wall Paining in Greater Buenos Aires: An Alternative Communication System
Lyman G. Chaffee
Apes and Ape Lore in Turn-of-the-Century Buenos Aires
Howard M. Fraser
Punctuación de adorno: Decorating with Apostrophes in Mexican Spanish
Laura Martin
Arms of Criticism and Criticism of Arms in Panama: The Songs of Pedro Altamiranda
Brittmarie Janson Pérez
From Private to Public Eye: Detective Fiction in Cuba
Amelia S. Simpson
Piety and the Press: Violence and Spectatorship in Two Mexican Good Friday Observances
Barbara Jo Lantz
The Mexican Piñata
Susan N. Masuoka
The Image of Women in Recent Mexican Cinema
Charles Ramírez Berg
The Impact of VCRs on Broadcasting in Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Venezuela
Joseph D. Straubhaar
Joaquín Murrieta: The making of a Popular Hero
Lydia Hazera
The Political Economy of Fotonovela Production in Latin America
Comelia Butler Flora
The Soul of the People: The Tango Poets of the 1920s and the 1930s and Their Use of Popular Language
Donald S. Castro
Five Historical Stages of Cuban Mass Media, 1723–1983
John A. Lent


Tango, Lunfardo, and the Popular Culture of Buenos Aires: Interview with José Gobello
Clark M. Zlotchew