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Winter 1988, 27:2

SCS President's Report
Richard Abel
SCS Statement on Creative Rights
John Belton
"All I Can See Is the Flags": "Fort Apache" and the Visibility of History
Leland Poague
The Pornographic Image and the Practice of Film Theory
Stephen Prince
Words and Images in Stan Brakhage's "23rd Psalm Branch"
William C. Wees
Lee Lourdeaux Replies to Mark Winokur's "Improbable Ethnic Hero" ("Cinema Journal," Fall 1987) by Lee Lourdeaux
Mark Winokur Replies by Mark Winokur
Kathryn Kalinak Responds to Jane Gaines's "Scar of Shame": Skin Color and Caste in Black Silent Melodrama ("Cinema Journal," Summer 1987) by Kathryn Kalinak
Thomas Cripps Responds to Jane Gaines by Thomas Cripps
Professional Notes
Mirella Jona Affron