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Volume 7 (1988)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Popular Culture and the Political Transition in Brazil
Randal Johnson
Detective Fiction in Brazil
Amelia S. Simpson
The Animal Game in Crisis
Charles Wagley
The 'Brazilianization' of Brazilian Television: A Critical Review
Cacilda M. Herold
The Reflection of the Brazilian Political Opening in the Telenovela
Joseph D. Straubhaar
Deus e o Diabo na Terra da Globo: Roque Santeiro and Brazil's 'New' Republic
Randal Johnson
Teledramas: A New Television Language
Luiz A. Coelho
Literatura de Cordel and the Mass Media in Today's Brazil
Candace Slater
Reflections on the State of Brazilian Cordel in 1985
Mark J. Curran
Rebel With a Cause: The Films of Carlos Reichenbach, Jr.
Joao Luiz Vieira
Transitional States: Creative Complicities with the Real in Cabra marcado Para Morrer: Vinte Anos Depois and Patriamada
Julianne Burton
The Chanchada and the Brazilian Musical Comedy: An Overview and Commentary
Sergio Augusto
Open Mike: Brazilian Popular Music and Redemocratization
Charles A. Perrone
Cantoria Nordestina: Its Spheres of Performance and its Relationship to the Cultural Industry
Maria Ignez Novais Ayala
Carnival, Media, and Regional Traditions: lntegration and Manipulation in Brazil
Julie M. Taylor
The Catholic Church and the Mass Media in Brazil: Some Theoretical Considerations
Ralph Della Cava and Paula Montero
Reflections on Blacks in Contemporary Brazilian Popular Culture in the 1980s
Zelbert Moore
Comics in Brazil
Alvaro de Moya


"Beauty Must be Convulsive": An Interview with Heitor Babenco