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July 1988 #2

Madonnas of the Fields: Photography, Gender, and 1930s Farm Relief
Wendy Kozol
Different Desires: Subjectivity and Transgression in Wilde and Gide
Jonathan Dollimore
A Dangerous Alliance: Anglo-Indian Literary Criticism and Bengali Literary Production (1870–1880)
Lou Ratté
The Flying Island and Female Anatomy: Gynaecology and Power in Gulliver's Travels
Susan Bruce
"A Veil of Ice between My Heart and the Fire": Michelangelo's Sexual Identity and Early Modern Constructs of Homosexuality
James M. Saslow
In the Realm of the Senses: Desire, Power, and the Representation of the Male Body
Peter Lehman
Sab C'est Moi
Doris Sommer