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Winter 1987, 26:2

Fiery Speech in a World of Shadows: Rosebud's Impact on Early Audiences
Robin Bates, Scott Bates
Sexual Misdemeanor/Psychoanalytic Felony
Nina C. Leibman
Cinematic Realism and the Phonographic Analogy
David Alan Black
Gaylyn Studlar Responds to Miriam Hansen's "Pleasure, Ambivalence, Identification: Valentino and Female Spectatorship" ("Cinema Journal," Summer 1986) by Gaylyn Studlar
William Lafferty Responds to Patrice Petro's "Mass Culture and the Feminine: The 'Place' of Television in Film Studies" ("Cinema Journal," Spring 1986) by William Lafferty
Patrice Petro Replies by Patrice Petro
Professional Notes
Mirella Jona Affron