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Volume 6 (1987)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Communication and Contemporary Colonialism: Broadcast Television in Puerto Rico
Roberta Astroff
Selective Media Use by Venezuelans: The Passing of the Passive Audience in a Rapidly Developing Society
Fausto lzcaray and John T. McNelly
Allende to Pinochet: Crucible of the Chilean Press, 1970–1984
Jerry W. Knudson
Cultural Policy and Television: Chile as a Case
Emile G. McAnany
The Media and Re-Democratization in Peru
Cynthia McClintock
Broadcasting-State Relations in Latin America: Are Generalizations Valid?
Elizabeth Mahan
A Cross-National Study of Newspaper Coverage of the Invasion of Grenada
Marlene Cuthbert, Kurt Kent, and Jewell Evans
A Content Analysis of International News Published by the Leading Newspapers in Mexico City
Josep Rota and Gilda S. Rota
United States Media Use in Caribbean Society: Exposure and Impact
Ewart C. Skinner and Richard Houang
Mass Communications in Mexico: Structure, Philosophy, and Research
Felipe Korzenny, Betty Ann Korzenny, Gema Lopez Montes de Ortiz, and Petter Wellington Yaple
Radio War in Nicaragua
Howard H. Frederick
Contemporary Mexican Advertising in an Upper-Middle Class Newspaper, Excélsior, and a Lower-Class Tabloid, Alarma!
Harold E. Hinds, Jr. and Shelly Beals Budke
Mass Media in the Leeward Islands, Press Freedom, Media Imperialism and Popular Culture
John A. Lent
Notes on a Century of Colombian Political Cartooning: 1830–1930
J. León Helguera
Trend Toward colegiación of Journalists in Latin America and Its Impact on Freedom of Press
Mary A. Gardner
Foreign Correspondents in Latin America: Changing Profession or Changing Circumstances?
John C. Pollock
ALASEI: lnfant Facet of Communications Pluralism in Latin America
Bruce Underwood
United States Coverage of Latin America: A Short Historical Perspective
J. Lawrence Day
Notes on Latin American Women in the Media: A Mid-1980s Sample of Voices and Groups
James W. Carty, Jr. and Marjorie T. Carty
British Influence on Broadcasting in British Guiana
Erwin K. Thomas