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Summer 1986, 25:4

Editor's Introduction
Virginia Wright Wexman
Pleasure, Ambivalence, Identification: Valentino and Female Spectatorship
Miriam Hansen
Carmen: Sound/Effect
David Wills
Christine Gledhill on "Stella Dallas" and Feminist Film Theory by Christine Gledhill
E. Ann Kaplan Replies by E. Ann Kaplan
Jeanne T. Allen Responds to R. Barton Palmer's "The Metafictional Hitchcock: The Experience of Viewing and the Viewing of Experience in "Rear Window" and "Psycho" ("Cinema Journal," Winter 1985) by Jeanne T. Allen
R. Barton Palmer Replies by R. Barton Palmer
Peter Lehman Replies to Virginia Wright Wexman on Referee Procedures ("Editor's Introduction," "Cinema Journal," Spring 1986) by Peter Lehman
Grants Bulletin by William C. Siska
Professional Notes
Mirella Jona Affron