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Spring 1986, 25:3

Editor's Introduction
Virginia Wright Wexman
Mass Culture and the Feminine: The "Place" of Television in Film Studies
Patrice Petro
Toward Victory: Left Film in France, 1930-35
Jonathan Buchsbaum
Notes on the Soap Opera Apparatus: Televisual Style and "As the World Turns"
Jeremy G. Butler
In Response to "Cinema Journal's" New Policy of Publishing Articles on Television, "David Thorburn" Has Submitted the Following Comments by David Thorburn
Jane Feuer Replies to David Thorburn by Jane Feuer
Leland Poague Replies to Robert Self's "Robert Altman and the Theory of Authorship" ("Cinema Journal," Fall 1985) by Leland Poague
Robert Self Replies by Robert Self
Professional Notes
Mirella Jona Affron