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Volume 5 (1986)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
The Commercialization of the Theater in Mexico and the Rise of the Teatro Frívolo
Susan E. Bryan
The Gate Keepers of Popular Music in Mexico: National and Translational Record Producers
Annette Riggio
The Novels of Corín Toledo
José Luis Méndez
Popular Music in Latin America
Gerard Béhague
Soccer and Social Change in Early Twentieth Century Peru. Part II
Steve Stein, José Deusta Carvallo, and Susan C. Stokes
Poster Art and Political Propaganda in Argentina
Lyman Chaffee
La Delgadina: Incest and Patriarchal Structure in a Spanish/Chicano Romance-Corrido
María Herrera-Sobek
Violeta Parra and La Nueva Canción Chilena
Albrecht Moreno
From the Mass-Media to the Bars: An Ethnomusicological Perspective on Contemporary Musical Activities in Mérida, Yucatán
Joy Driskell Baklanoff
'We Blew it After All': The Argentine Musical Group Les Luthiers
David William Foster
Popular Culture as a Source for the Historian: Why Carlos Gardel?
Donald S. Castro
The Museum of the City of Buenos Aires: Art Fairs, Wedding Gowns and Chamber Pots
Virginia W. Leonard
The Love Pentagon
Alvaro Barros-Lémez
State and Culture in Brazil
Ruben George Oliven
Torbellino: Towards an Alternative Comic Book
Julia Emilia Palacios


Carlos Vigil on Mexican Comic Books and Photonovels
José Luis Silva