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Volume 4 (1985)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
The Rise of Baseball in Mexico and the First Valenzuela
William H. Beezley
A Mexican Popular Image of the United States through the Baseball Hero, Fernando Valenzuela
David G. LaFrance
Kalimán: Mexico's Most Popular Superhero
Harold E. Hinds, Jr.
La familia Burrón: Inside a Lower Middle-Class Family
Charles Tatum
Murder in Valle de Lágrimas
Jane Hill
Maids in the Mexican Photonovel
Cornelia Butler Flora
A Survey of Mexico City Newspapers
David G. LaFrance
Alarma: A Mexican Tabloid
Harold E. Hinds, Jr.
The Cartoons of Abel Quezada
Roderic A. Camp
Elite Artists and Audiences: Can They Mix? The Mexican Front of Cultural Workers
Shifra M. Goldman
A Consideration of Norteña and Chicano Music
Guy Bensusan
Foreign Currents During the'60s and '70s in Mexican Popular Music: Rock and Roll, the Romantic Ballad and the Cumbia
David K. Stigberg
What Mexican Youth Learn from Commercial Television
M. Antonieta Rebeil Corella
The Content of Mexican Commercial Television: 1953–1976
Josep Rota
Reevaluating the Revolution: Mexican Cinema of the Echeverria Administration (1970–1976)
Deborah Mistron
Feminine Images in Mexican Cinema: The Family Melodrama; Sara García, 'The Mother of Mexico'; and the Prostitute
Carl J. Mora
'Landscape, I've Got the Drop on You!' On the Fiftieth Anniversary of Sound Film in Mexico
Carlos Monsiváis