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Spring/Summer 1985, 6:1

Latin American Music Review


Myth, Spirit Naming, and the Art of Microtonal Rising: Childbirth Rituals of the Arawakan Wakuénai
Jonathan D. Hill
A St. Lucian "Kwadril" Evening
Jocelyne Guilbault
From Noigandres to "Milagre da Alegria": The Concrete Poets and Contemporary Brazilian Popular Music
Charles A. Perrone

Alberto Ginastera (1916-1983): In Memoriam

Remembering Alberto Ginastera
Gilbert Chase
Alberto Ginastera's "Duo for Flute and Oboe"
Carleton Sprague Smith
Ginastera's Arrangement of an Organ "Toccata" by Domenico Zipoli: Some Recollections about the Career of a Master Composer
Robert Stevenson
The Composer-Publisher Relationship: Chronicle of a Friendship
W. Stuart Pope


La música dominicana: siglos XIX-XX
Bernarda Jorge
Review Author[s]: Martha Ellen Davis
Puerto Rican Music following the Spanish-American War: 1898, the Aftermath of the Spanish-American War and Its Influence on the Musical Culture of Puerto Rico
Catherine Dower
Review Author[s]: Donald Thompson
Susana Salgado
Review Author[s]: Gerard Béhague
The Cuban "Danzón": Its Ancestors and Descendants
Andrew Schloss
Carnival in Cuba
Andrew Schloss
Review Author[s]: Daniel J. Crowley