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Volume 3 (1984)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
Government-Industry Cooperation and Conflict in Mexico and the U.S.: A Comparative Analysis of Commercial Broadcast Regulation
Elizabeth Mahan
Soccer and Social Change in Early Twentieth Century Peru
José Deusta Carvallo, Steve Stein and Susan C. Stokes
José Gregorio Hernández: The Historical Development of a Venezuelan Popular Saint
Luise Margolies
A Hybrid Subgenre: The Revolutionary Melodrama in the Mexican Cinema
Deborah E. Mistron
Language Form and Language Function in Zoot Suit and The Border: A Contribution to the Analysis of the Role of Foreign Language in Film
Laura Marlin
Popular Culture as a Source for the Historian: The Tango in its Era of La Guardia Vieja
Donald Castro
Popular Cinema in Brazil
Randal Johnson
Popular Participation in Rural Radio: Radio Baha'i, Otavalo, Ecuador
Kurt Hein
Beyond the Prismatic Mirror: One Hundred Years of Solitude and Serial Fiction
Alvaro Barros-Lémez
Politics in the Brazilian Literatura de Cordel: The View of Rodolfo Coelho Cavalcante
Mark Curran
Cartagena's Fandango Politics
Guy Bensusan
Estefania's Implosive Action Packed Western for Latin America
Tom R. Sullivan
The Production and Consumption of Popular Culture in Brazil
Ruben George Oliven
Patriotism and Pop Culture in the Falkland/Malvinas Conflict: A View from Buenos Aires
J. Laurence Day


Painters into Poster Makers: Two Views Concerning the History, Aesthetics and Ideology of the Cuban Poster Movement
Shifra M. Goldman