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Volume 2 (1983)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture
The Role of Pancho Villa in the Mexican and American Cinema
Deborah Mistron
Ideology and Mexican Mass Culture: The Case of Sangre India: Chamula
Cynthia Steele
Collaboration and Modernization: Case-Study of a Transnational Magazine
Anna Lucia Zomosa
Paloma's El Cuarto Reich: Economic Disaster, Torture, and Other Laughs
Nancy L. Hunt and David D. LaFrance
Mexican Children's Use of the Mass Media as a Source of Need Gratification
Joseph Rota
The Burrón Family: Class Warfare and the Culture of Poverty
Charles R. Wicke
The Wane of Brazilian Show de auditório Television Programs: Popular Culture, Industry, and Censorship
Joseph D. Straubhaar
Quino After Mafalda: A Bittersweet look at Argentine Reality
Claudia Cairo Resnick and Paul K. Speck
Politics and Ideology in the Popular Poetry of Brazil
Ronald H. Chilcote
Mexican Popular Music at Mid-Century: The Role of José Alfredo Jiménez and the Canción Ranchera
William Gradante
The Mexican Immigration Experience and the Corrido Mexicano
Celestino Fernández
Cartoons and Covers: The World of Luis de la Torre in Hoy in the 1970s
Eleanore Maxwell Dial and John Dial
Nationalist, Internationalist, and Anti-Imperialist Themes in the Public Revolutionary Art of Cuba, Chile and Nicaragua
David Kunzle
Latin American Pop Occult Texts: Implicit Ideology
Naomi Lindstrom
On Culture as Democratic Culture in Latin America
Nain Nómez


Marcela Fernández Violante on Mexican Cinema
John Mosier
A Testimony from Nicaragua: An Interview with Nidia Bustos, the Coordinator of Mecate, and Nicaraguan Farm Workers' Theatre Movement
Ross Kidd