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Spring 1982, 21:2

"Bicycle Thieves": A Re-Reading
Frank P. Tomasulo
Herrmann, Hitchcock, and the Music of the Irrational
Royal S. Brown
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
The Cinematic Apparatus by Teresa de Lauretis, Stephen Heath
Review Author[s]: William C. Wees
Coronation Street by Richard Dyer
Review Author[s]: Jane Feuer
The Films of Carl-Theodor Dreyer by David Bordwell
Review Author[s]: D. G.
Motion Pictures: The Development of an Art by A. R. Fulton
A Short History of the Movies by Gerald Mast
A History of Narrative Film by David A. Cook
Review Author[s]: D. G.
The Hollywood Social Problem Film: Madness, Despair and Politics from the Depression to the Fifties by Peter Roffman, Jim Purdy
Review Author[s]: D. G.
Blake Edwards by Peter Lehman, William Luhr
Review Author[s]: D. G.
Moving Pictures by Budd Schulberg
Review Author[s]: D. G.
All the Stars in Heaven: Louis B. Mayer's M-G-M by Gary Carey
Review Author[s]: D. G.