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Volume 1 (1982)

Studies in Latin American Popular Culture

(out of print)

What's In a Name? Popular Culture Theories and Their Limitations
Jean Franco
The Fotonovela in Latin America
Cornelia Butler Flora
Mexican Popular Cinema of the 1970s: How Popular Was It?
Fernando Macotela
Popular Culture. A Myth?
Irene Herner
Gender Ambiguity and Class Stereotyping in the Mexican Fotonovela
Jane H. Hill and Carole Browner
Sport After Revolution: A Comparative Study of Cuba and Nicaragua
Eric A. Wagner
Chistes and Caricaturas, in the Mexican-American Press, Los Angeles, 1926–1927
Mario T. Garcia
Postal Images of Argentine Próceres: A Look at Selective Myth-Making
David Bushnell
Chinganas, Bailes, Máscaras, and the Prensa Chismosa: Three Aspects of Creole Culture in Nineteenth-Century Santiago de Chile
Gertrude Yeager
'Rius for Beginners: A Study in Comicbook Satire
Paula K. Speck
Cuban Chess, Propaganda and Bohemia
José Casimiro Ortal and Edward J. Tassinari
The Development of the Telenovela as the Pre-Eminent Form of Popular Culture in Brazil
Joseph D. Straubhaar
Mexican Popular Musical Culture and the Tradition of Música Popular in the City of Veracruz
David Stigberg
Brazil's Literatura de Cordel: Its Distribution and Adaptation to the Brazilian Mass Market
Mark Curran
The Importance of Popular Cinema in Latin America
John Mosier
Panamanian Popular Art From the Back of a Bus
Peter S. Briggs
Focalization: A Narratological Approach to Mexican Illustrated Stories
Georges-A. Parent


Folk Music, Circuses, Variety Shows and Other Endangered Species: A Conversation with Julio Garcia Espinosa on the Preservation of Popular Culture in Cuba
Julianne Burton
Toward a Popular Cinema: An Interview with Nelson Pereira dos Santos
Randal Johnson