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Fall/Winter 1980, 1:2

Latin American Music Review


Magical Protection Songs of the Warao Indians--Part I: Animals
Dale A. Olsen
Latin American Composers in the United States
Aurelio de la Vega
Type, Derivation, and Use of Folk Idioms in Ginastera's "Don Rodrigo" (1964)
Malena Kuss
"Viola de Samba" and "Samba de Viola" in the Recôncavo of Bahia (Brazil)
Ralph C. Waddey
Los conjuntos musicales ambulantes de Salzgitter y su propagación en Brasil y Chile durante el siglo XIX
Francisco Curt Lange
A Villa-Lobos Autograph Letter at the Bibliothèque Nationale (Paris)
Lisa M. Peppercorn


A Catalogue of the Pedro Traversari Collection of Musical Instruments / Catálogo de la Colección de Instrumentos Musicales Pedro Traversari
Richard Rephann
Review Author[s]: John M. Schechter
Mapa de los instrumentos musicales de uso popular en el Perú
Review Author[s]: Tom Turino
Introdução ao Estudo da Música Indígena Brasileira
Helza Camêu
Review Author[s]: Anthony Seeger
The Latin Tinge: The Impact of Latin American Music on the United States
John Storm Roberts
Review Author[s]: Gilbert Chase
The Kennedy "Corridos": A Study of the Ballads of a Mexican American Hero
Dan William Dickey
Review Author[s]: Sharon Girard
Music from Saramaka: A Dynamic Afro-American Tradition
Richard Price, Sally Price
Review Author[s]: Dale A. Olsen
Selk'nam Chants of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Anne Chapman
Review Author[s]: Dale A. Olsen
Nelly y Jaime Ingram, Duo de piano
Nelly Ingram, Jaime Ingram, Manuel Infante, Roque Cordero, Francis Poulenc, Octavio Pinto
Orquesta Sinfónica del Brasil
Isaac Karabtchevsky, Nobre, Villa-Lobos, Santoro, Technical Unit on Music of the Department of Cultural Affairs (Executive Secretariat for Education, Science and Culture) of the Organization of American States, Brazilian Ministério de Educação e Cultura
Review Author[s]: Malena Kuss