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Spring 1976, 15:2

The Aesthetic Relevance of the Organization of Film Production
Calvin Pryluck
The Genesis and Ideology of "Gabriel over the White House"
Robert L. McConnell
Alfred Hitchcock and the Ghost of Thomas Hobbes
Philip Dynia
The Reconstitution of "A Corner in Wheat"
Eileen Bowser
D. W. Griffith and the Use of Off-Screen Space
Robert L. Adams Jr.
Edison's Dream: A Brief History of the Kinetophone
Rosalind Rogoff
Sternberg and "The Last Command"
John Tibbetts
Stroheim and "Queen Kelly"
Eric Myers
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
American Film Genres by Stuart M. Kaminsky
Sixguns and Society by Will Wright
Review Author[s]: Thomas G. Schatz
Movie-Made America: A Cultural History of American Movies by Robert Sklar
The Spoken Seen: Film and the Romantic Imagination by Frank D. McConnell
America in the Movies by Michael Wood
Review Author[s]: John L. Fell