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Fall 1976, 16:1

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

Georges Méliès and the "Féerie"
Katherine Singer Kovács
Louis Delluc, Film Theorist, Critic, and Prophe
Eugene C. McCreary
Satie's "Entr'acte:" A Model of Film Music
Douglas W. Gallez, Satie
Tri-Ergon, Tobis-Klangfilm, and the Coming of Sound
Douglas Gomery
A Home in the Wilderness: Visual Imagery in John Ford's Westerns
Michael Budd
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
Alexander Dovzhenko, the Poet as Filmmaker: Selected Writings by Marco Carynnyk
Kuleshov on Film: Writings by Lev Kuleshov by Ronald Levaco
Review Author[s]: Philip Rosen
The World of Entertainment: Hollywood's Greatest Musicals: The Freed Unit at MGM by Hugh Fordin
Review Author[s]: Jane Feuer