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Winter 1975, 14:2

[Editorial Note]
Eileen Bowser
Influences between National Cinemas: Denmark and the United States
Ron Mottram
A Method of Reconstructing Lost Films
Gosta Werner
Early Stage and Screen: A Two-Way Street
George Pratt
From a Written Film History to a Visual Film History
Vladimir Petric
Formal Strategies as an Index to the Evolution of Film History
Ted Perry
Next Steps in Film History Research
Yon Barna
Toward a New Film History
Jay Leyda
The Future Film Historian: Less Art and More Craft
Thomas Cripps
Transcript of Discussion
John Kuiper, Jacques Ledoux, Wolfgang Klaue, A. Ruszkowski, Vladimir Petric, Bujor Ripeanu, James Kitses, Ted Perry, Margareta Akermark, Eileen Bowser, Howard Suber, Yon Barna, Peter Kubelka, Peter Morris, Thomas Cripps, Pierre Véronneau, Keith Lucas, Vladimir Pogacic, Cosme Alves-Neto
Appendix I: Visual-Analytical History of the Silent Cinema
Vladimir Petric
Appendix II: Reference Works for Film Study