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Fall 1974, 14:1

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

[Editorial Note]
Cultural Identity and Film in the European Economic Community
Thomas H. Guback
The Financing of Film Production in Europe
Eitel Monaco
Films and European Competition Law
Neville Hunnings
EEC Documents
The Evolution of Eisenstein's "Old and New"
Vance Kepley Jr.
Filming Inner Life: The Works of Robert Enrico
Thomas Simonet, Robert Enrico
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
Le Western by Jean-Louis Leutrat
Univers du Western by George-Albert Astre, Albert-Patrick Hoarau
Westerns by Philip French
Focus on the Western by Jack Nachbar
Review Author[s]: Dean McWilliams
Graham Greene: The Films of His Fiction by Gene D. Phillips
Review Author[s]: Judy Adamson
The History of World Cinema by David Robinson
The Classic Cinema: Essays in Criticism by Stanley J. Solomon
Film Theory and Criticism: Introductory Readings by Gerald Mast, Marshall Cohen
Review Author[s]: Timothy J. Lyons
American Film Criticism: From the Beginnings to Citizen Kane by Stanley Kauffmann, Bruce Henstell
The Origins of American Film Criticism, 1909-1939 by Myron Lounsbury
Movies in America by William Kuhns
The Art of the American Film, 1900-1971 by Charles Higham
Reel Plastic Magic: A History of Films and Film-Making in America by Laurence Kardish
Review Author[s]: Richard Dyer MacCann
Freeze Frame: A History of the American Film by Joseph Dispenza
Fifty Years of Film by James R. Silke, Rory Guy
Fifty Years of Film Music by James R. Silke, Rudy Behlmer
Review Author[s]: R. D. M.
Annual Meeting