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Spring 1973, 12:2

Japanese Swordfighters and American Gunfighters
J. L. Anderson
"This Is America": Documentaries for Theaters, 1942-1951
Richard Meran Barsam
Grierson at University
Jack C. Ellis
"Kes" and the Press
William Stephenson
Darling, This Is Bigger than Both of Us
John L. Fell
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
Graham Greene on Film: Collected Film Criticism, 1935-1939 by John Russell Taylor
Review Author[s]: Judy Adamson
Dictionary of Film Makers by Georges Sadoul, Peter Morris
Dictionary of Films by Georges Sadoul, Peter Morris
Review Author[s]: Edwin Jahiel
The Art of the Moving Picture by Vachel Lindsay
A Discovery of Cinema by Thorold Dickinson
Review Author[s]: Kristin Thompson
A Mirror for England by Raymond Durgnat
Lindsay Anderson by Elizabeth Sussex
Review Author[s]: Mark Johnson
The Celluloid Weapon; Social Comment in the American Film by David Manning White, Richard Averson
The Complete GREED by Herman G. Weinberg
Review Author[s]: James Spellerberg
The German Cinema by Roger Manvell, Heinrich Fraenkel
Review Author[s]: John Hess