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Fall 1972, 12:1

Annual Meeting
The Loss of Community: Six European Directors
Peter Harcourt
The "Heart of Darkness" in "Citizen Kane"
Hubert Cohen
Dixon, Griffith, and the Southern Legend
Russell Merritt
Sinclair Lewis and the Movies
Kenneth W. Munden
"Touch of Evil": Style Expressing Content
Eric M. Krueger
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
Movies and Society by I. C. Jarvie
Review Author[s]: Calvin Pryluck
D. W. Griffith: His Life and Work by Robert M. Henderson
D. W. Griffith: The Years at Biograph by Robert M. Henderson
Focus on D. W. Griffith by Harry M. Geduld
Focus on The Birth of a Nation by Fred Silva
Review Author[s]: Ron Mottram
Focus on Citizen Kane by Ronald Gottesman
Focus on Blow-up by Roy Huss
Focus on The Seventh Seal by Birgitta Steene
Focus on Chaplin by Donald W. McCaffrey
Focus on Hitchcock by Albert J. LaValley
Review Author[s]: H. Wayne Schuth
The Documentary Tradition--From Nanook to Woodstock by Lewis Jacobs
Documentary Explorations: Fifteen Interviews with Film Makers by G. Roy Levin
Review Author[s]: Peter Harcourt