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Spring 1971, 10:2

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

The Poetics of Horror: More than Meets the Eye
Dennis L. White
Toward a Cinema of Cruelty
William Blum
Cinema Journal Notes
The Decay of the Motion Picture Patents Company
Jeanne Thomas
Ten Years after Marienbad
Richard M. Blumenberg
Re-Sorting Things out
Hubert I. Cohen
"The New York Times" Notices Movies, 1896-1915
Judith Vogelsang
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
The New York Times Film Reviews, 1913-1968
Who Wrote the Movie; And What Else Did He Write?
Review Author[s]: Howard Suber
French Cinema since 1946 by Roy Armes
The New Wave by Peter Graham
Review Author[s]: Judith Gollub
The Film Director as Superstar by Joseph Gelmis
Film and the Liberal Arts by T. J. Ross
Review Author[s]: Marvin Felheim
Film Culture Reader by P. Adams Sitney
Expanded Cinema by Gene Youngblood
Review Author[s]: Donald Crafton