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Spring 1969, 8:2

JCMS: Journal of Cinema and Media Studies

The Seventeen Preliminary Scripts of "A Day at the Races"
Joseph Adamson
The Roadrunner and Other Characters
Chuck Jones
Memories of Mr. Magoo
Howard Rieder
The Impressionism of "Elvira Madigan"
Allen K. Schwartz
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
Animators, Directors, and a Host of Critics
The Art of Animation by Ralph Stephenson
The Disney Version by Richard Schickel
Review Author[s]: John Tibbetts
Interviews with Film Directors by Andrew Sarris
The American Cinema by Andrew Sarris
Review Author[s]: Michael Budd
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by Pauline Kael
The Great Films: Fifty Golden Years of Motion Pictures by Bosley Crowther
"The Private Eye, the Cowboy, and the Very Naked Girl:" Movies from Cleo to Clyde by Judith Crist
Private Screenings by John Simon
Film 67/68 by Richard Schickel, John Simon
Review Author[s]: Richard Dyer MacCann
Films and Feelings by Raymond Durgnat
Eros in the Cinema by Raymond Durgnat
Luis Bunuel by Raymond Durgnat
The Marx Brothers by Raymond Durgnat
Review Author[s]: John L. Fell