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Fall 1969, 9:1

Annual Meeting, 1969
The Chaplin World-View
Philip G. Rosen
"Praxis" as a Cinematic Principle in Films by Robert Bresson
Donald S. Skoller
Film and Foreign Policy: The USIA, 1962-67
Richard Dyer MacCann
Cinema Journal Book Reviews
A Film Student's Guide to the Reference Shelf
Review Author[s]: John L. Fell
New Contributions to American Film History
Hollywood in the Twenties by David Robinson
Hollywood in the Thirties by John Baxter
Hollywood in the Forties by Charles Higham, Joel Greenberg
Review Author[s]: Howard Suher
The Parade's Gone by... by Kevin Brownlow
The Movies, Mr. Griffith, and Me by Lillian Gish
Review Author[s]: Thomas R. Cripps
The Moving Image by Robert Gessner
Review Author[s]: Robert Steele
Four Great Comedians by Donald McCaffrey
The Great Funnies by David Robinson
Buster Keaton by David Robinson
Buster Keaton by J. P. Lebel
Review Author[s]: John Tibbetts
The Rise of the American Film by Lewis Jacobs
The Emergence of Film Art by Lewis Jacobs
Review Author[s]: R. D. M.
The Lubitsch Touch by Herman Weinberg
Josef von Sternberg by Herman Weinberg
Review Author[s]: Richard Dyer MacCann