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Volume 1, 2021

Journal of Advancement Analytics

Editors’ Notes

Juan Garcia and John Gough


Data Science for Fundraising: A Review of Analytics in Fundraising
By Ashutosh R. Nandeshwar
Predicting Capacity with Machine Learning
By David Schemitsch
When XGBoost Tree Meets Humanity: An Exploration of Implementing New Machine Learning Techniques into Everyday Fundraising Practice
By Marianne M. Pelletier
Leveraging Insights from Other Industries to Accelerate Data-Driven Success in University Fundraising
By Jim Dries and Hendrix Kits Van Heyningen
2020 Vision:  Observations on How Artificial Intelligence is Disrupting the Business of Philanthropy
By Melissa Cox
Hidden Voices:  Using Social Listening to Uncover Audience Insights and Boost Advancement
By Amanda K. Jeppson and Rebecca C. Stapley