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2007 JLAG, 6:2

Journal of Latin American Geography

Special Edition: Globalization Linking Scales of Analysis

Globalization and Latin American Geography: Linking Scales of Analysis
Joseph L. Scarpaci and James J. Biles
Persistence of the U.S.-Mexico Border: Expansion of Medical-Tourism amid Trade Liberalization
Gabriel Judkins
Globalization of Food Retailing Guadalajara, Mexico: Changes in Access Equity and Social Engagement
John Harner
Globalization of Food Retailing and Transformation of Supply Networks: Consequences for Small-scale Agricultural Producers in Southeastern Mexico
James J. Biles et al.
Mexican Smallholders Adrift: The Urgent Need for a New Social Contract in Rural Mexico
Nathalie Gravel
Economic Globalization and Bolivia's Regional Divide
Kathleen Schroeder
Beyond the Crisis: Economic globalization and informal work in urban Argentina
Risa Whitson


Resistance and Social Reform in Latin America: Speaking with Joao Pedro Stedile of Brazil's "O Movimiento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra" (the MST)
Jeff Garmany and Flávia Bessa Maia