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2002 Annual

Joyce Studies Annual
Thomas F. Staley
The First International James Joyce Symposium: A Personal Account
Austin Briggs
Reading Joyce in and out of the Archive
Wim van Mierlo
Stephen Dedalus's non servium: Patriarchal and Performative Failure in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Alan Friedman
The Soft, the Sweet, and Bloom
Jefferey Simons
Of Questionable Character: The Construction of Subject in Ulysses
Kevin Attell
"I have been a Perfect Pig": A Semiosis of Swine in "Circe"
Eric D. Smith
"When in Doubt do Gender": Constructing Masculinities in "Penelope," "theyre all Buttons men"
Richard Brown
Recognizing Masochism: Psychoanalysis and the Poetics of Sexual Submission in Ulysses
Thomas P. Balázs
Mac(k)intosh the Noun
Michael J. Sidnell