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Spring/Summer 2020, 41:1

Latin American Music Review
Pacheco and Charanga: Imitation, Innovation, and Cultural Appropriation in the Típico Tradition of New York City
—Sue Miller
Politicizing Carnival Brass Bands in Olympic Rio de Janeiro: Instrumental Protest and Musical Repertoires of Contention
—Andrew Snyder
La globalización de la música instrumental a fines del siglo XVIII: Recepcíon del repertorio galante y clásico en Lima (c. 1770 - c.1800)
—Alejandro Vera
Inter-American Mediations: Charles Seeger, Domingo Santa Cruz, and the Politics of Transnational Muscial Exchange
—Amanda Minks


Voices of Drought: The Politics of Music and Environment in Northeastern Brazil, by Michael B. Silvers
—Charles A. Perrone
Cuban beyond the Beach: Stories of Life in Havana, by Karen Dubinsky
—Liliana González Moreno
The Latin American Art Song: Sounds of the Imagined Nations, by Patricia Caicedo
—Celeste Dolores Mann