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Spring 2020, 76:1

Journal of Individual Psychology
Editor's Notes: Alfred Adler Sesquicentennial: The Timeliness Revisited
Marina Bluvshtein
Celebrating 150 Years: A President's Perspective
Susan E, Belangee
Individual Psychology as a "Living Force of Progress"
Marina Bluvshtein
Adler's Original Contributions to Psychology
Jane Griffith and Steven A. Maybell
Looking Back on the Development of Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology in Parts of Europe on the 150th Anniversary of His Birth
Gisela Eife, Andrea Ferrero, Barbara Neudecker, and Paola Prina
An Inspiring Legacy: Sophia J. de Vries
          Henry T. Stein
The Contribution of Rudolf Dreikurs to the Theory and Practice of Individual Psychology
           Zivit Abramson
Adler's Motivational Theory: An Historical Perspective on Belonging and the Fundamental Human Striving (reprint)
Eva Dreikurs Ferguson
The Fourth and Fifth Life Tasks as Existential Challenges
George W. Linden
Are Alfred Adler and Rudolf Dreikurs Relevant for Parents Today?
Betty Lou Bettner
Adlerian Therapy Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Len Sperry
Adlerian Theory and Practice Wisdom Promote Democratic Leadership and Organizational Health
Karen John
Adler's Theory and Therapy as a River: A Brief Discussion of the Profound Influence of Alfred Adler
          Richard E. Watts and Marina Bluvshtein
The Miracle of Early Recollections in Adlerian Psychotherapy and Supervision
           Rachel Shifron
And They Lived Happily Ever After: An Intimate Closeness of Systems and Adlerian Theories in the Case of a Transgender Couple
Kristina S. Brown, Kara Londergan, and Marina Bluvshtein
Adler's Interview Questions: Incorporating diversity and Sociocultural Contexts Holistically
Leigh Johnson-Migalski, Constance Victor, Angelica Velex-Giraldo, Marc Chaney, and L. Pascale Moise
Alfred Adler: The Man Who Understood Superheroes
Edward Hoffman
The "Un-understood": Adler's Grasp of Unconscious
          Chantal Prinsloo and Xiaoxuan Qu
I Am an Adlerian
          Tara O'Leary